ArchivComplete Installation Guide

Welcome to ArchivComplete

We provide this guide to help you install ArchivComplete within at least time and effort as is possible. Even if ArchivComplete is an enterprise-class product we try to make installation process simple as possible. It is more important, productive and fun to manage and publish your content, instead of spending the time on installation and configuration tasks.

Downloading ArchivComplete

ArchivComplete LITE is a free edition of ArchivComplete product that enables you to organize, manage and publish your content. You can install and use LITE edition for commercial, evaluation, demonstration, or learning purposes. Limitations that apply to LITE edition are the number of published documents and file size of upload documents. LITE edition allows you to publish 1000 documents with the maximum size of 250MB per file.

If you plan or need to cross limitation of LITE edition or need customized visual style, integration with payment services, SLA agreement or integrations and specific features for your business please consider buying PROFESSIONAL or ENTERPRISE version.

Download ArchivComplete LITE here.

By downloading and installing ArchivComplete you accept terms specified in End-User License Agreement (EULA). Please read EULA before installing ArchivComplete.

Minimum system prerequisites

Before starting installation process please assure that you can provide minimum prerequisites:

To work properly ArchivComplete also requires following:

Setting up prerequisites

Installing Microsoft SQL Server 2017

Microsoft SQL Server is used for storing data and content handled by an ArchivComplete application. ArchivComplete can work properly with Enterprise, Standard, Express or Developer edition of SQL Server. Selecting right editions depends on the size of data stored in ArchivComplete and end-user load. ArchivComplete can be easily scaled to higher version as necessary.

For ArchivComplete to work properly be sure that following Full-text Search and FILESTREAM features are installed and enabled on SQL Server.

For smaller sites, evaluation and demonstration purposes you can use free SQL Server 2017 Express edition with some limitation. You can download SQL Server 2017 Express at this link.

To install Microsoft SQL Server in default configuration follow the steps below:

  1. Double click on downloaded SQL Server installer
  2. Click Yes to allow SQL Server installation if required by Windows User Access Control
  3. Select Custom installation type
  4. Click Install to download and extract SQL Server installation files
  5. Click New SQL Server stand-alone installation or add features to an existing installation in SQL Server Installation Center window
  6. Check I accept the license terms check box and click Next
  7. Click Next on Install Rules dialog
  8. Check following in Features list on Feature Selection dialog
    • Database Engine Service
    • Full-Text and Semantic Extractions for Search
  9. Uncheck following items at Features list
    • SQL Server Replication
    • Machine Learning Services (In-Database)
      • R
      • Python
  10. Click Next
  11. Click Next on Instance Configuration dialog
  12. Click Next on Server Configuration dialog
  13. Open FILESTREAM tab on Database Engine Configuration Dialog
  14. Check following options:
    • Enable FILESTREAM for Transact-SQL access
    • Enable FILESTREAM for I/O access
    • Allow remote client access to FILESTREAM data
  15. Click Next and wait installation progress to complete
  16. Click Close
  17. Close SQL Server Installation Center window
  18. Restart your computer if required

Installing web server

As ArchivComplete is a web application, web server is required to host ArchivComplete. ArchivComplete uses Internet Information Services (IIS) as the web server. IIS included in Microsoft Windows.
To start IIS installation procedure on run following steps:

  1. Open Programs and Features from Windows Control Panel
  2. Click on Turn Windows features on or off
  3. Check Internet Information Services node to install the default features
  4. Expand Internet Information Services node
  5. Expand World Wide Web Services node
  6. Expand Application Development Features node
  7. Check following nodes:
    • .NET Extensibility 4.6 (or higher)
    • ASP.NET 4.6 (or higher)
    • ISAPI Extensions
    • ISAPI Filters
    • WebSocket Protocol
  8. Click OK to install selected features
  9. Click Close

Running installation wizard

To install ArchivComplete application follow steps below:

  1. If you haven’t downloaded the ArchivComplete installation package download it
  2. Unpack zip file anywhere
  3. Double click ArchivComplete installation package file to start installation wizard
  4. Check I agree to the license terms and conditions checkbox
  5. Click Install
  6. Click Yes to allow installation Wizard to start if User Account Control feature is enabled on your computer
  7. Click Next on Welcome dialog
  8. Click Next on Destination Folder dialog
  9. Click Next on Drop Folder configuration
  10. Setup SQL Server database server and account. If you have installed SQL Server Express following our installation guide leave defaults
  11. Click Next
  12. Setup SQL Server database server Filestream configuration. If you have installed SQL Server Express following our installation guide leave defaults
  13. Click Next
  14. Enter a username for the user under ArchivComplete will be hosted. You can provide the same username as for account under you are currently installing ArchivComplete
  15. Enter a password and confirm the password for the specified user.
  16. Click Next
  17. Optionally setup email account for sending email notifications and activation emails for new ArchivComplete accounts
  18. Click Next
  19. Click Install to start file installation
  20. Click Finish
  21. Before restarting open File Explorer and navigate to install folder to setup permissions. Default install folder is C:\inetpub\www\root\ArchivComplete
  22. Right click on install folder
  23. Click Properties from context menu
  24. Click Security tab
  25. Click Edit
  26. Click Add
  27. Enter username for user under ArchivComplete is hosted and click Check Names
  28. Click OK
  29. Click Allow Full control in permissions list
  30. Click OK to close open dialog
  31. Click OK to close Properties dialog
  32. Click Restart on ArchivComplete Setup dialog. After the restart, Scheduler Staging application will run and be shown on the taskbar as a small black icon. This can take few moments depending on the speed of your computer.
  33. Click Allow access to Windows security Alert window if required

Testing your installation

To test is the ArchivComplete properly installed the following steps below:

  1. Open web browser and navigate to http://localhost/ArchivComplete
  2. Click Sign in button on ArchivComplete home page
  3. Sign in as an administrator with following credentials:
    • Email:
    • Password: #Admin123