Dealing with time is every archive’s biggest challenge. While basic archiving principles stay the same, technological evolution can drastically improve their reliability, standardization and confidence for the long term.

ArchivComplete is a professional and lightweight tool for organizing and controlling of digitalized content. It provides swift access to your content while retaining full:

  • Reliability: a clear allocation of responsibilities and a controlled access to the content with retained confidentiality, integrity and availability (CIA).
  • Standardization: compliance with international and professional standards – ISO 15489 records management, ISAD (G) and MoReq2010.
  • Confidence: protected information and, crucially, legal value that reduces cost incurred by abuse, forgery and theft of business information.

Scanning your documents is just a first step to digitalization. Contact us at


Keeping data longer than you are required to can actually be more harmful than helpful. Costs of storage go up, availability gets harder and more manual work leads to increased hazard to content integrity.

ArchivComplete grants you full access control to official retention schedules so you can trim your archive by timely disposing of content with expired retention period and freeing up expensive storage space. It also helps in saving employee time on searching through content for the right document, which climbs as high as 27% of working time if specialized tools aren’t used.

Additionally, according to PwC research (2015) financial costs caused by detected security incidents grew 92% compared to 2014. Shield yourself from threats of intellectual property theft, cost of litigation and loss of customer confidence forever.


Scanned paper records archives and their costs are an enterprise-class problem, and scanning is only the first step in acquiring a full repertoire of digitalization blessings. You need a focused enterprise solution for managing digitalized and paper content in order to bring out all the benefits.

Unlike powerful, but general-purpose DMS, ECM or pure backup systems, ArchivComplete is a lightweight end-user software that helps you organize and control your content in the long run. This is accomplished by targeting specific archival needs that align your archiving processes according to international and professional standards – ISO 15489, ISAD (G) and MoReq2010.

ArchivComplete is built on a custom development platform meaning that:

  • You get our undivided attention
  • Less need for third-party licenses
  • Rapid support


ArchivComplete is made for archivists and archive users encapsulating all necessary features to track the complete digital and paper record lifecycle.

  • Retention Control – after scanning, assigning metadata and linking records with business functions and activities, simply manage, retain, destroy or transfer content according to the retention schedule.
  • Collaboration – Work harmoniously with archive users allowing them to simply request content, but keep full control of publishing and returning activities.
  • Archival Description - Describe content by ISAD (G) rules and elements to facilitate its availability and create professional finding aids.

ArchivComplete runs on Microsoft Windows, IIS web server and SQL Server database.


In the last fifteen years Omega software has gathered more than 4000 enterprise users that work with our products every day. By investing in our research and development we use what we have learned to get ready for tomorrow’s challenges.

Active involvement with professional associations like ARMA, IRMS and DLM Forum, and the scientific community enriches our competences to do just the right thing for demanding customers. Our ISO 9001 certificate for quality management system and ISO 27001 for information security management system guarantee a high level of company maturity and trust.

Finally, rather than simply taking from the community Omega software is actively publishing development tools as open source artefacts, thus giving back and encouraging sustainable development.